Re-growing romaine lettuce!

If you care for a rabbit then you know how much lettuce they consume on a daily basis. You probably already know that the best lettuce to feed them is romaine or any green leafy lettuce, never feed your rabbit iceberg lettuce!

If you’ve read through my website, you’ve seen that periodically I re-grow carrot tops for Cooper. I also like re-growing lettuce for him at home. It’s quite simply as all you need to do is place the lettuce head in about an inch of water and it’ll start re-growing. Once you have a good amount of leaves growing from the stem you can plant it in soil and watch it grow.

Lettuce requires about 5 hours of sunlight, however I live in Sunny Florida so growing lettuce requires ample shade and water. Water the plant in the morning and mist it during the day. I don’t have a garden so I grow mine in planters which aren’t that deep, meaning my lettuce will not grow too big. I don’t get much out of the lettuce as rabbits eat a lot, but it is still fun to watch them grow!

I currently have two in soil and two others in water. Below is a photo of the lettuce in soil. If you’re wondering what the holes in the second photo are, they are evidence that I have a stray kitty who’s been wondering about on my planters. Ha!