Rabbit Toys


A bored rabbit is a destructive rabbit. Digging or chewing at the carpet and chewing forbidden objects are just two examples. Whether inside the cage or out, your rabbit needs plenty of toys to keep them from getting bored. Some ideas:

  • Toilet paper rolls & paper towel rolls
  • Untreated straw baskets of any size
  • Natural wood blocks (no pressure treated wood, plywood, particle board, and press board)
  • Rolled oats box with ends cut off
  • Rubber balls (unless they chew on them)
  • Wire ball with bell inside, you can also stuff them with hay!
  • Baby toys such as rattles and giant key rings
  • Hanging bird toys with bells
  • Rice mats (available at Pier 1 Imports for example)
  • Cardboard boxes with openings or doors cut in the sides
  • Things to jump up on (they like high places where they can look around
  • Cardboard molds for concrete posts available at hardware stores.
  • Shouting “NO” or whistling loudly. (Don’t use a whistle – it would cause great pain to sensitive ears.)
  • Thump your foot like another rabbit
  • Spray bunny with water, using a clean spray bottle – on the rump, never in the eyes!

Rabbit Discipline

NEVER HIT A RABBIT! It is cruel and they don’t understand why they’re in trouble. They can also become angry and aggressive if provoked. Always be consistent when disciplining and don’t expect too much from them. Spaying/Neutering, bunny-proofing and providing plenty of toys often reduces undesirable behavior.

Rabbits need mental stimulation, keep them interested in their surroundings by allowing him to learn. Give them attention, safe things to chew on, and toys for mental stimulation they’ll be less likely to chew on things they shouldn’t. Plus, watching them toss, shake, flip, fling and retrieve toys is very entertaining!