With life comes change

There comes a point in time when parents decide they've outgrown their niche and make changes to our lives. Well I haven't outgrown my bachelor pad. Nobunny asked me what I thought! Regardless, they've dragged me along with my brother Motorcito, on their new path. They sold our home, packed our bags and on the… Continue reading With life comes change

A Rabbit is Not a Gift, #notjust4easter

The most dreadful time for the rabbit community is Easter, rabbit sales are at their highest and unfortunately they are promoted as starter pets and a great gift idea for Easter. Wrong! A rabbit is not a toy therefore it should never be given nor promoted as a great gift idea for Easter, and this… Continue reading A Rabbit is Not a Gift, #notjust4easter

What a Rabbit is really like.

If you haven't shared your home with a rabbit, you really don't know how amazing these creatures are. Rabbits are affectionate, silly and very endearing pets to care for, unfortunately there is a misconception about this. You have to understand what a rabbit is really like to appreciate why rabbit owners are so passionate about… Continue reading What a Rabbit is really like.

Birthday Tribute…

Celebrating 7 years of Cooper in our lives. Cooper was born on December 5, 2009 and was adopted in June 2010. I've been blessed to have shared my life with him for so long, and I can only pray to God to give me twice as many years with him. Here's a tribute video honoring… Continue reading Birthday Tribute…

Re-growing romaine lettuce!

If you care for a rabbit then you know how much lettuce they consume on a daily basis. You probably already know that the best lettuce to feed them is romaine or any green leafy lettuce, never feed your rabbit iceberg lettuce! If you've read through my website, you've seen that periodically I re-grow carrot… Continue reading Re-growing romaine lettuce!