Cooper’s best month!

I'm proud to say that Cooper was featured on The Dodo recently. I was contacted by one of their editors and was asked to share with them Cooper's story in 100 words. How is that possible? There's no way I could summarize Cooper's story into 100 words, I thought. It took me several tries but… Continue reading Cooper’s best month!


Selfless Love

"To love regardless of your personal needs, whole heartedly without loving yourself, without any personal gain." The kind of love only one experiences when caring for a pet. A living creature that depends solely on you. You give everything to provide them with love and proper care. You expect nothing in return but sloppy kisses,… Continue reading Selfless Love

Instagram’s famous Rabbit from Orlando!

About a month ago I found a pet photo contest online from, I hadn't entered Cooper in a contest for a while so I gave it a shot. I submitted a photo of him on a Sunday night but then forgot about the contest! A few weeks later I received an email from Brett… Continue reading Instagram’s famous Rabbit from Orlando!

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

2015 has come to an end, and what a fast one it was. I couldn’t believe how fast the Holiday Season passed us by, Thanksgiving came and then with a blink of an eye it was New Years! I had a pretty good year, I had great health which is a lot to say after… Continue reading Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Drawing King Cooper!

   Have you ever wondered how to draw King Cooper? Or even just a bunny? I know I can't draw Cooper even if my life depended on it. Ha! Well our dear friend on Instagram Mayfair has this awesome YouTube account called Bunny+Me Show, where they post videos and teach you how to draw different things. They… Continue reading Drawing King Cooper!

Santa Paws Came to town!

12/1/2015 Dear Santa Paws, I hope you bring me all the gifts I want for Christmas. I've been a very good bun this year, I only tore up the carpet once and have kept my bachelor pad in one piece. I know I bit my mom a couple of times but it's not my fault,… Continue reading Santa Paws Came to town!

A Netherland Dwarf is the path to the Dark Side…

   December 17, 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens' release date.  Anticipated by millions of Star Wars fans, this will be the movie release of the decade. Breaking box office sales worldwide and probably occupying most of the theaters leaving no room for other movies to compete, and let's face it, no other movie is… Continue reading A Netherland Dwarf is the path to the Dark Side…

Drowning in 4 ounces of water….

Saturday morning as I am getting ready I hear a lot of sounds coming from Cooper's bedroom, I glance over and I see him with his head dipped in his water. He's struggling to get up and can't, I rushed over to him but by the time I reached him he had already sat up. … Continue reading Drowning in 4 ounces of water….

How the Bunny Stole Christmas!

My friend Chester and I are hosting a contest on Instagram, #bunnygrinchmas. Rabbits are normally grumpy so we thought it would be a perfect contest theme for the holidays! Basically we are asking all of our followers to shame their bunnies by posting photos of them and how they are "ruining" Christmas! Granted, anything that… Continue reading How the Bunny Stole Christmas!