How the Bunny Stole Christmas!

My friend Chester and I are hosting a contest on Instagram, #bunnygrinchmas. Rabbits are normally grumpy so we thought it would be a perfect contest theme for the holidays!


Basically we are asking all of our followers to shame their bunnies by posting photos of them and how they are “ruining” Christmas! Granted, anything that a bunny does is adorable, even when they are ripping holes in your carpet. Not!


I remember Cooper’s first Christmas, he found the tree so interesting and even more, the gifts underneath. Needless to say, I had to gift wrap the gifts more than once LOL. Rabbits are very curios animals and are always interested in new things. They’ll walk on all fours, remember bunnies hop, and have their ears pointed towards the front like sensors. They’ll creep up slowly, on all fours which is the cutest thing to see, sensing away with their ears until the new item is safe enough to approach and eventually claim it theirs by chinning it! Ha…


So yes, Chester and I will be choosing two winners by December 20th since the contest ends on the 18th. We’ll announce the winner on Instagram and will be sending them a prize via postal mail. We are very excited to see all the funny & creative photos all the hoomins will post!

Good luck to all the Bunny Grinchs out there!

1 thought on “How the Bunny Stole Christmas!”

  1. I’m so excited about this competition,
    I hope Bruintje is the right bunnyman to steal christmas! 😀

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