Growing Carrot Tops

Growing Carrot Tops at home

I grow carrot tops for Cooper at home and he loves them! I have purchased carrots with carrot tops before and he never ate them until I tried growing them. They are very simple to grow and also fun to watch how fast they grow.

 A lot of people have asked me how I grow them because they have tried themselves at home and the carrot tops rots or become soft from sitting in water. If you follow these steps I’m positive your carrot tops will grow!
You would start by purchasing carrots with at least a short stub of a stem, you do not need to buy carrots with carrot tops. Just make sure they at least have a short stem. You can buy them at your local grocery store or at your local farmers market.
1. Cut the carrot top about an inch or inch and a half down from the stem.

2. Thoroughly rinse the top part of the carrot that you just cut off. Clean off any dirt or old leaves            (if they had a carrot top).

3. Take a flat vase or container and arrange the carrot tops inside.

4. Add water, covering just half of the carrot top. Do not cover the carrot tops with water.

5. Watch them grow! 

You will see results within the first 24 hours. If you have them sitting in direct sunlight they will grow to be a deep shade of green, or you can just grow them inside your home with no direct sunlight and they will still grow but the carrot tops will be a much lighter shade of green. Nevertheless, your rabbit will love the homegrown carrot tops!