Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

2015 has come to an end, and what a fast one it was. I couldn’t believe how fast the Holiday Season passed us by, Thanksgiving came and then with a blink of an eye it was New Years!

I had a pretty good year, I had great health which is a lot to say after having had major surgery in 2014. I had calcium stones embedded in my bladder and urethral. So yes, 2015 was good to me. I have a loving home, which I am thankful for because there are lots of rabbits in shelters and rescues that are looking for a home. My mommy & daddy love and spoil me, I love them so much! For my birthday, which is December 5th, my mommy bought me foam stairs so I no longer have to jump off the furniture, I’m a senior bunny now and mommy wants to prevent me from breaking a bone while jumping off. I am a pro at them and took to them with much ease, I can climb up and down them so fast! I sometimes take naps on the steps, they are so comfy. For Christmas my daddy surprised me with a new bachelor pad, it has a terrace!! He also bought me this cushiony bed that is so comfy, I love napping & digging in it. I hope Christmas of 2016 is as good as this last one!

Then New Year’s came, I usually spend it at home with my cousin Mateo, but this year he stayed home with my aunt so I spent New Year’s alone. But it’s okay, mommy leaves dinner served for me before they go out and they give me their blessings for the new year. This year my mom wore a bunny blouse and wore a necklace with my photo in it, I was right by her heart when the new year started!❤️ Mom & dad got home that night around 2am, they brought along two of mom’s cousins, I had to share my room with them 😒. But it was okay, they were nice and petted me, they even allowed me to walk all over them and sniff them! They came and went pretty fast, they were visiting from Georgia!

On January 2nd, mom had planned this party called “Friendsmas” (so hipster of her 🙄) some friends came over with food and they played games. I wasn’t scared and ventured out to the living room where they were, I wanted to make sure none of the guests were stepping on my bed! Thankfully mom had moved it out of the way because one of their friends spilled a beer right on the spot where I keep my bed 😳 . Overall, all the guests behaved and mom and dad had a good time. Pretty nice way to start the year!

How did you spend the New Year’s?