Drowning in 4 ounces of water….

Saturday morning as I am getting ready I hear a lot of sounds coming from Cooper’s bedroom, I glance over and I see him with his head dipped in his water. He’s struggling to get up and can’t, I rushed over to him but by the time I reached him he had already sat up. 

My poor little guy had flopped too close to his water bowl, he tends to flop and roll around and in the mist of doing this he rolled his tiny head into his 4 ounce water bowl. Usually he struggles a bit to roll back on his feet, which is never a problem for him, but since his head was in water it freaked him out! 

I picked him up, he was in a panic, I grabbed a towel and completely dried him off and comforted him for a bit. He was fine, just startled by what happened, poor little guy never expected to “drown” in 4 ounces of water!

Thankfully we had a vet appointed at 8am that same morning so I asked the vet to check his ears for water and explained to him how Cooper started his Saturday morning. No water, just a bit of wax in his ears *sigh*

My grumpy little guy on his way to the vet after his horrible scare.

Needless to say, I moved his water bowl out of the way!

What a startled! 

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