Caring for a Rabbit 101

Caring for a rabbit 101 – basic bunny information needed when you bring a rabbit into your home. To start, a proper rabbit’s diet should consist of the following:

– Hay – good quality hay such as timothy, orchard grass or organic meadow.

Oxbow carries a variety of hay.

APD – American Pet Diner also carries a variety of hay.

 – Pellets – limited amounts of pellets should be fed to your rabbit. You need to look at the fiber percentage and make sure the protein percentage does not exceed 14%. Fiber minimum should be 18%.

– Fresh water – it’s natural for rabbits to drink from a bowl, so make sure you change the water regularly. Fur gets into the water, so it’s best to change the water at least daily.

– Vegetables – your rabbit should eat about 2 cups of fresh vegetable daily. House Rabbit Society has a great list of vegetables suitable for rabbits.

– Nails – your rabbit’s nails should be trimmed monthly. If your rabbit’s nails are light in color you should be able to see the quick inside the nail. If you are not afraid of trimming their nails you can try the bunny burrito method or you can take your rabbit to the vet to get them trimmed.

– Teeth – check your rabbit’s teeth on a regular basis as rabbit teeth never stop growing! Check House Rabbit Society’s website to learn all about oral health in rabbits.

Be aware of your rabbit’s eating, pooping and peeing behavior as this can inform you if anything is wrong. Please read this article to learn more about your rabbit’s digestive system.

*Follow these steps if your rabbit stops eating or using the litter box, take immediate action to avoid your rabbit worsening.

– Housing & Chew Toys Your best source for all your bunny needs is always House Rabbit Society‘s website. There you will find all you need to know about bunny proofing your home, housing, chewing and outdoor & indoor dangers.

People always ask me “how did I litter train Cooper?” Well each rabbit is different and what worked for me, might not work for you. Litter training is essential if you want to have a free roaming rabbit!

(View of Cooper’s litter box)

litter box

 – Treats – Never buy yogurt treats and junk food they sell as treats at your local pet store. These “treats” have ingredients that your rabbit’s digestive system cannot process. Try giving your rabbits natural treats like carrots, apples, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, raisins, craisins and dried fruits (with no additive sugars). A proper rabbit’s diet is very important for a long, healthy life!

– Training & Obedience To everyone’s amaze, rabbits are very easy to train, but like with any animal you need time and dedication. Rabbits should not be slapped or hit in any way, they will NOT learn anything by these actions. Rabbits react to snapping your fingers, slapping your hands, stomping on the floor but never, ever hit them.

Training your Rabbit

Remember, when in doubt always check on House Rabbit Society‘s website!