This website is created to help educate others on proper rabbit care.

When I brought Cooper home I didn’t know anything about caring for a rabbit. I brought him home blindly and made several dietary and housing mistakes. It’s difficult to find a vet that sees exotics, this makes it difficult to provide them with a happy and healthy life. With proper rabbit care they can live up to 15+ years. Unfortunately due to the lack of exotic veterinarians and information available, most rabbits live a short life span.

Unfortunately, they are cute and cuddly, which makes them attractive to children who see them as toys. During the Easter Holiday, rabbits are often gifted to children. A rabbit is far from being a toy, they require regular veterinary visits, unlimited hay and regular at home health checkups. Rabbits require a healthy diet and ample space to run, they can’t be left in a cage for long periods of time. This is the misconception that most parents have when bringing a rabbit home. In addition, pet stores are providing parents with incorrect information, rabbits are not starter pets.

This and many other reasons, is why I created this website. Throughout the years I have gathered information from Cooper’s vets, personal experience and other website pages. I complied all this into my website for easy use and access by those who are trying to do the right thing, research prior to bringing a rabbit home.

A rabbit is not a pet for everyone, so please do as much research as possibly. Make sure you’re ready to provide them with proper care needed for a long and healthy life.