This website was created to help educate others on proper rabbit care.

When I first brought Cooper home I didn’t know the first thing about caring for a rabbit. I brought him home blindly and made several dietary mistakes and housing mistakes among others. It is also difficult to find rabbit savvy vets in all cities which makes it that much difficult to provide your rabbit with a happy and healthy life. A rabbit, with the proper care can live up to 15+ years, unfortunately because of the lack of exotic veterinarians and information on rabbits, most rabbits live a short life.

It is also unfortunate that rabbits are cute and cuddly which makes children want them as toys and are often given as gifts during the Easter Holiday. A rabbit is far from being a toy, they require regular veterinary visits, unlimited hay and regular at home health checkups. A rabbit cannot be brought home and left in a cage with the occasionally feeding of pellets and a half hour run outside its cage. This is the misconception that most parents have when they bring a rabbit home, not to mention the incorrect information provided by most pets stores. Rabbits are not a starter pet!

This and many other reasons, is why I created this website. Throughout the years I have gathered information from Cooper’s vet, personal experience and other website pages. I have tried to compile all of this into my website for easy use and access by those who are trying to do the right thing, research prior to bringing a rabbit home.

A rabbit is not a pet for everyone, so please do as much research as possibly and be sure you are ready to bring a rabbit into your home and provide them with the care that they need for a long and healthy life.