Today is a day to celebrate because without social media we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Thanks to social media I was able to meet wonderful people from all around the world and Cooper has social media to thank for his “fame!”

It’s wonderful what social media has done for the world, it’s given us a chance to meet people from so many different countries. Social Media is the modern-day pen pal that a lot of people grew up with, but even better. No parcel expenses and we’re able to get a glimpse of their daily lives through the photos they share. 

I appreciate what social media, especially Instagram has done for us. Cooper has become to certain degree a “celebrity” with fans from all over the world who look forward to seeing his grumpy face on a daily basis. He’s been part of social media contests, campaigns and so much more. At times, I feel the pressure because I want to make all his fans happy. Unfortunately, due to this social media frenzy, low number of “likes” and “” feel, to me, as I am not making his fans happy. Cooper has brought SO much joy & love into my life that I want to convey this message through our social media posts.

Cooper #smd

The power of SM has allowed us to learn so much, broaden our knowledge on so many different subjects. I’ve taken advantage of this to help share what I’ve learned through trial & error on proper rabbit care. I’ve gathered as much information from personal experiences with Cooper and information veterinaries have supplied us with and shared it through social media networks.

So today make sure to use #SMDay when sharing your life with us and be thankful for all the wonderful people you have met thanks to the social media tools that we can’t live without!

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