Santa Paws Came to town!


Dear Santa Paws,

I hope you bring me all the gifts I want for Christmas. I’ve been a very good bun this year, I only tore up the carpet once and have kept my bachelor pad in one piece. I know I bit my mom a couple of times but it’s not my fault, sometimes she won’t leave me alone. She smothers me when I’m trying to sleep. I’m sorry I bit her, but maybe she’ll learn to be a good mom too and leaves me alone! I still love her ❤️.

Hope I’m on your good list Santa Paws!


Cooper the Pooper


Dear Santa Paws,

Thank you for all my great gifts. Momma said the bed you sent me arrived early and since it didn’t fit under the tree she gave it to me, I loved it!

Thank you for the hay? I thought you knew I don’t eat hay! Umm, that’s okay Santa, I’ll use it in my litter box and toss it around to play with it. 

I really like my new bachelor pad, it’s so fun and I love that I now have a terrace! But mom covered it up 😔 she’s afraid of me jumping off the terrace, which I already did and got scared, maybe mom is right?

Well Santa Paws, I’m really glad you overlooked the biting and tearing of the carpet, I promise to be a good bun in 2016!


Cooper the Pooper

P.S. Here’s a photo of me sniffing all the gifts you left for me!


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