A Netherland Dwarf is the path to the Dark Side…

December 17, 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ release date.  Anticipated by millions of Star Wars fans, this will be the movie release of the decade. Breaking box office sales worldwide and probably occupying most of the theaters leaving no room for other movies to compete, and let’s face it, no other movie is able to compete with the Star Wars Saga! If you are a movie director releasing your movie on this date, you are already counting your loss. 

Cooper’s hoomins are huge Star Wars fans and will be joining hundreds of other fans at the Star Wars Marathon starting at 3am today. But is this a surprise? Did you not expect his hoomins to be Star Wars fans? 

Much to your surprise Netherland Dwarfs are the path to the Dark Side. Don’t believe me? Ask any Netherland owner if their nethie doesn’t belong to the dark side already. Small, grumpy and stealthy; these Netherland Dwarfs have powers only one belonging to the dark side could hold! 

See for yourself, Cooper is the proud keeper of Darth Vader’s head!  


 “Judge me by my size, do you?” Doesn’t only apply to Yoda!

Keep an eye out for those Nethies and May the Force be with You……

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