Drawing of Cooper and mommy by the artsywhim

In memory of Cooper…

Nine years and five months, that's how long I shared my life with Cooper. I wish it could have been a lifetime. I like to consider Cooper being my true love. He taught me what love for an animal is and losing him taught me how much of our lives they fill. It's taken me… Continue reading In memory of Cooper…

Thumper a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit - sitting in his litter box

I’m coming clean!

Last weekend Gainesville Rabbit Rescue informed me that Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions (ORCA) had a Netherland Dwarf up for adoption. I wasn’t looking to adopt but I filled out the adoption application. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be I thought. Monday morning Sue from ORCA contacted me and inform that Butter,… Continue reading I’m coming clean!

Graphics of an infographics - Rabbit Food Pyramid

Rabbit Food Pyramid

Cooper the Pooper - Periscoping in front of his enclosure

DIY Rabbit Enclosure

Bunny parents biggest dilemma? Wanting a free-roaming rabbit and at the same time, protecting their homes. I know this all too well, and that's why I had Cooper's enclosure built. Cooper was a free-roaming rabbit in our previous house, and if you've lived with a rabbit you know they are natural chewers. They'll tear out… Continue reading DIY Rabbit Enclosure


Are you prepared?

Rabbits are a great responsibility, they may seem easy to care for, but you don't really know until you live with one. They are considered exotics, so any medical visit is costly. I may sound repetitive, but honestly I can't say this enough. Day after day I read so many stories of rabbits being abandoned… Continue reading Are you prepared?